Kaja Domiańczyk

In real estate, the devil is in the details, and I recognize them. By taking care of the smallest details, I ensure that transactions are accurate and safe.

Working in real estate, is not only a source of my income, but also a source of great satisfaction and fulfillment. I am interested in architecture and interior design.

I do not avoid difficult tasks on the contrary – I love challenges. I deal with both primary and secondary markets. Each complex transaction is an opportunity for me to develop. I find unusual solutions, which is invaluable in the dynamic real estate industry.

I fully understand that buying or selling a property is a huge life decision for my clients. That’s why I am able to step into my client’s shoes, listening to their needs and concerns, which allows me to tailor offers to individual expectations. Empathy makes clients feel understood and supported in the transaction process.

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Kaja Domiańczyk

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